Microblading Training 


Brow Boutique offers an extensive 4 day theory course where all aspects of Microblading are covered following international standards. We will then move on to an intensive practical day where you will watch live instructor demos and work on your own models. Our Students are encouraged to further their training, by having a one-on-one day with our trainer during a normal studio work day. This allows for a "shadowing" type of education and an exclusive opportunity to interact with both clients and trainer.
​Our course totals 6 days.


All of our students receive a high quality kit of their choice, quality checked and expertly put together. We have also produced 4 training manuals for our students that can also be used through their career as a point of reference.  During the 4 day training, our students receive a delicious light lunch and refreshments daily while studying in a comfortable, unique and intimate training environment. 

For ongoing peace of mind,  we stock a wide variety of Microblading supplies that can be purchased online or on site.


We aim to go beyond your basic training and want to give our students a hands on experience in running a microblading business. Our students are encouraged to sit in for 2 full procedures and 1 touch up procedure before completing the course. This is a one-on-one exercise and allows the students to ask all of the post-course questions in comfort and confidence, 

 We will never leave you stranded. We have a dedicated whatsapp group available for support and advice as well as regular refresher classes


                                                  Download Our Training Brochure

Microblading 2018 brochure
2018 Courses.pdf (8.18MB)
Microblading 2018 brochure
2018 Courses.pdf (8.18MB)

Why Start Microblading? 

Microblading has proven to be not only a rewarding career, but a very lucrative one too. If you've ever dreamed of having your own business, being financially free or having a job that you can turn into a passion then this is for you.

Microblading appeals to a wide audience

​Everyone want's beautiful eyebrows - from the teenagers and their "Brows on Fleek" selfies to the more mature client who has lost some brow hair with age, this is a beauty technique that appeals to so many people. As long as the client is over 18, they can be eligible for a Microblading treatment so your pool of clients is wide open, meaning more income and easier marketing.

You can give the gift of confidence

There’s nothing more rewarding when you have a career in Permanent Cosmetics than making a real difference to someone’s confidence. A brow treatment can seem like such a small thing but it can be life changing for many. Seeing the smile on a client’s face after they’ve seen the final result is something that will always give you job satisfaction and that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

​Brows will change the look of a face instantly

​Brows are so important as they frame the facial features. Without them, the face can look incomplete or unbalanced. With so many brow makeup products on the market, beauty junkies now recognise this too, so give them a permanent solution so they can look their best every day.

Microblading continues to be in high demand, year after year

​This isn’t just a craze. The demand for Microblading treatments is huge and continues to rise. Wherever you look, the term Microblading pops up in another beauty blog post or news story and celebrities are embracing this new treatment because of its undetectable, natural look. That being said, expectations from clients are high so, to be able to deliver first class treatments, you need the best possible comprehensive training available to you. 

You can build a lucrative business

The opportunity to make a healthy living for yourself is most certainly there. With the average treatment procedure costing around R1000 and the outgoing costs minimal, you can easily earn a healthy profit from each treatment. People pay you for your skill and expertise so the more you practice and get the word out there, the more you can earn.

You can quickly get a return on your investment

​Due to the high earning potential, you can recuperate your training investment in a short amount of time, unlike many other businesses or beauty courses. If you are planning to perform treatments full time or fit in appointments around your current job, you will soon be in profit and earn enough to cover your training and set up costs.

Microblading creates the most natural look

The great thing about the natural look of Microblading is that it’s not trend led. The treatment is designed to complement the face and enhance what would naturally be there so, although this technique is a trend that is booming in popularity now, it’s definitely a look that is here to stay.

You can become a master of brows

By focusing purely on brows, you can become a specialist and develop your skills and techniques within brow treatments. Define yourself as the go-to technician for the best brows in the land and you’ll soon have clients on a waiting list to come and see you.

You can expand your offering

​If you already offer another treatments such as HD brows, Eyelash Extensions , Makeup or Beauty  this could be the next step in your career. Not only could you offer your clients temporary beauty solutions, but you could have a permanent one too. If you are already familiar with brows and have experience drawing them on different clients, then that will put you in good stead to start Microblading

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